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Mill Grove

Keith White talks to a childMill Grove started in 1899 by caring for a motherless girl. Since then, over 1000 children have come to live for all, or part of, their childhood in the houses called Mill Grove. It is an extended family, an inclusive household, with bonds between members of the family across generations, and around the world.

Mill Grove is a Christian family, and the words above the front door read: Have Faith in God. Since 1899 we have trusted God as our Heavenly Father to meet all our needs without recourse to publicity, fund-raising or loans. The Christian faith permeates who we are and how we seek to live. One of the ways this affects the way we live, is our openness to those from different cultures, backgrounds and faiths.

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Barnabas in Churches

BarnabasThe Barnabas in Churches website is packed with resources for you to use in your ministry amongst children. They are passionate about bringing the Bible to life for children and families and on their site you will find ideas for your Sunday and midweek groups, material for all-age worship, links to our books, resources for training and information about our programmes and ministries.

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WTL Bible

This Bible is a piece of art, beautifully designed and easy to read and understand. The NIrV translation makes it perfect for the young or first-time reader or even for those with English as their second language. The text is set without interruption. The main story appears in simple, single-column text which allows the story to flow; and the rest of the text is arranged in double columns. Side notes bring clarity to the text. This Bible will compel people of all ages to read God’s Word.

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Godly Play

Godly PlayGodly Play is a creative and imaginative approach to Christian nurture. It can be used in a variety of settings churches, schools, hospitals, care homes for the elderly. Godly Play is based on long established, tried and tested approaches using symbols. Godly Play encourages people to make meaning for themselves. It invites listeners into stories and encourages them to connect the stories with personal experience.

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Child Theology

Child TheologyJesus put a child in the centre of the disciples when they were having a theological argument about greatness in the kingdom of God. It is plain that Jesus thought the child’s presence would give the disciples a clue to the essential truth they were missing. Occasionally over the centuries, the child has disturbed theologians at work, but has not been in a position to shape theology consistently.

In Child Theology, we are invited to take good note of the child in the midst as we think about, for, to, from and with God in Christ. As we do that, we expect our theology to change for the better. In Child Theology, we embark afresh on the journey with Christ into the open secret of God in the world. Click here for more.

The Therapeutic Care Journal

Our mission is to share knowledge about all aspects of care for children and young people in order to ensure excellent outcomes. The TCJ (formerly The Children Webmag) offers a range of articles and information published by those who live and work with children and young people, sharing thoughts, reflections, working notes, articles and papers to capture the ‘lived experience’ of the work.

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HCD Global Alliance

HCD Global AllianceThe Church can no longer afford to ignore children. We may have underestimated the potential of ministry with children in the past, but the future can be a different story. By providing a base for holistic child development programs, Christian educators and leaders could very well tackle what could be the single greatest obstacle the Church will face in the coming years: sharing the love of God in holistic ways with children across the globe.

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